Dak Lak is the fourth largest province in the Central Highlands. Dak Lak is considered one of the cradles to cultivate the Central Highlands Gong culture and recognized by UNESCO as an oral and intangible masterpiece of the world. The simple and rustic beauty of this place comes from not only the natural space of mountains and forests but also the traditional culture of ethnic minorities in the Central Highlands.

The Central Highlands is divided into 2 distinct seasons: the

dry season (from December to April next year) and the rainy season (from May to November). Since most roads are dirt roads, Dak Lak tourism in the rainy season is very inconvenient. Therefore, the most suitable time to travel to Dak Lak is the dry season, in which the time of December and the end of February is the most beautiful because of many festivals and blooming white coffee flowers - a very worthwhile sight to admire in life.

Trinh Nu Waterfall in Dak Lak

Trinh Nu Waterfall

Tourism in Dak Lak has advantages with many places combining landscape, ecology, environment and cultural traditions of ethnic groups such as Lak lake, Gia Long waterfall, tourist clusters of Don Village, Krong Kmar waterfall, Dieu Thanh, Tien Nu, etc, next to the national parks and nature reserves like Chu Yang Sin, Easo. Today, Ko Tam is also a popular destination for both domestic and foreign travelers in Dak Lak.