Many people travel to Phu Quoc to know Sao Beach, Long Beach, and so on but rarely pay attention to the place named Ganh Dau. This beautiful beach, but not yet having a good reputation, is a spit that juts out to the sea in the northwest of Phu Quoc Island, in the area of Ganh Dau commune, Phu Quoc island district. Only a few dozen kilometers from Duong Dong town, this place opened a peaceful space for Phu Quoc Island Explorer package 6-day tours that seemed to have no footprints.

Phu Quoc's beautiful beach is located quite far from the central area of the island. However, you spend will deserve the expectations you expect. First, you go through Cua Duong and Cua Van, continue 20km through the red dirt road between the primeval forest in Phu Quoc and continue to go to the northwest. Phu Quoc's pristine beach will open before your eyes. On the way, you can visit the temple to worship General Nguyen Trung Truc on the island.

Ganh Dau Cape

When you arrive here, you will probably have to be immersed in an extremely green space. The crescent-shaped beach embraces the surrounding trees. The white sandy beach shimmered under the sunshine as if you could light yourself into it and forget all sorrow.