Minh Mang Tomb, also known as Hieu Tomb, is the resting place of the second king under Nguyen Dynasty - Minh Mang King. The tomb is elaborately constructed with nearly 40 large and small projects located on a mountain hill. Minh Mang Tomb has pedestrian-like appearance and majesty but still harmonizes between architecture and nature works.

After taking the throne for seven years, King Minh Mang planned to build his tomb. The location of King Minh Mang selected the tomb is in Cam Khe mountain, near Bang Lang intersection, where the confluence of the two rivers Ta Trach and Huu Trach form the poetic Huong River.

Minh Mang Tomb was built in 1840 and completed three years later. This work mobilized 13,000 workers and soldiers to build. In 1841, King Minh Mang died, King Thieu Tri was crowned and continued to complete the work of his father.

Minh Mang Tomb

Minh Mang Tomb

Dai Hong Mon

Dai Hong Mon is the main gate to enter the tomb, designed simply like a three-door gate in traditional Vietnamese temples. The gate has three aisles but only uses two sub-gates of Ta Hong Mon and Huu Hong Mon to welcome visitors to visit the tomb. Particularly the main entrance was only opened once to bring the king's coffin to the tomb.

Bai Dinh

Bai Dinh lies behind Dai Hong Mon, is flat with Bat Trang bricks, in which the two sides have two rows of martial arts statues, and stone elephants standing adoration. 

Passing through these two statues, visitors will see Bi Dinh located on Phung Than Son, inside there is a "Holy merit" stele written by King Thieu Tri on the biography and merit of his father.

Minh Mang Tomb

Minh Mang Tomb

Palace area

The palace area includes Hieu Duc Mon, Sung An Palace and Hoang Trach Mon works. In particular, the highlight is Sung An Palace, the place to worship the tablets of Minh Mang and Queen Ta Thien Nhan. The area is solemnly decorated in a large and peaceful space.

Minh Lau Belvedere

Behind the palace area is Minh Lau Belvedere, which means light floor. It was a place to rest of the king. Minh Lau Belvedere has a beautiful location, where the king can watch the stars every night. The belvedere is square with two floors, in which visitors can go upstairs to admire the view in the tomb.

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