Travel Netherlands Detail

The Netherlands located in Western Europe which borders Germany in the east and Belgium in the south is one of the countries with nearly 30% of the area below the sea level. This is one of the most striking geographical features of the land of tulips which make the country famous for its intricate canal system, impressive traffic as well as its exceptional historical value. 

The climate of the Netherlands is characterized by a temperate oceanic climate, with average temperatures ranging from 10 degrees Celsius to 25 degrees Celsius. Coming here in winter, visitors have the chance to watch the canals become interesting ice roads while enjoying hot chocolate as the preference of most people in this country. The fall of the Netherlands is extremely beautiful which is covered with a rich golden brown color of leaves. Summer is the festival season with parades and market fairs. The spring is considered the most romantic time with blooming tulips. 

To travel around the Netherlands, tourists can use domestic planes, ferries, trains or taxis. 

Like other European countries, the Netherlands has a very strong attraction to visitors of which the most outstanding one is Amsterdam on the romantic Amstel river with a dense canal system including areas on the world heritage list. The Rotterdam city located more than 50 km from Amsterdam is vibrant and ancient with architectural features and busy shopping streets. Other famous cities are Utrecht, Maastricht, Alkmaar or Haarlem. 


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