Phan Rang is an attractive and new tourist destination on Nha Trang - Phan Rang day tour. Therefore, helping tourists understand more about the place, we will introduce necessary and useful information to the place.

When visiting the place, you will have a chance to admire the sun, the wind, the blue sea and the white sand with the gentle sheep, the vineyards, and the immense apple orchards. Furthermore, located more than 100km from Cam Ranh airport, Phan Rang is becoming the ideal destination for all people, especially young people.

Belonging to South Central Coast, 340km from Ho Chi Minh City, about 100km from Nha Trang, Ninh Thuan tourism features a hot and dry climate with plenty of wind, clearly divided into 2 seasons including rainy and dry seasons. You travel to Ninh Thuan should pay attention to the weather to be more convenient in traveling. The dry season lasts from December to September, the rainy season from September to November.

1/ Places to visit

Phan Rang

According to the traveler’s experience, you should go to Binh Ba and Binh Hung one day. Then rent a car from Binh Hung to Ninh Chu, take the beautiful coastal route. Vinh Hy is also a place to go to Ninh Chu. You can go to Vinh Hy before going to Ninh Chu. Rent a boat 50.000vnd/ person if the group is crowded. Just go straight to Vinh Hy resort, have a very friendly security uncle, the room is just over 300.000vnd if the house has a small child need a rest.

An Hoa sheep copper

It seems that sheep are only available in a foreign country, only in cold lands. But to Ninh Thuan tourism, you will experience as nomadic people in tight suits - against dust and hot sun, the sheep breeding experience is strange and impossible in urban areas.

Thai An vineyard

Ninh Thuan is famous for grapes - vast vineyards with small jars hanging down are very eye-catching for tourists. Ninh Thuan grapes are grown with the largest scale in the country. The bunches of purple grapes, round and tense in the middle of the green field which leaves will make visitors enjoy.

Hang Rai

Normally, most tourists will choose to travel to Ninh Thuan in the dry season from December to September next year. But for Rai cave, the beautiful season for traveling falls in November to March - the rainy season. The ideal time for those who love to take pictures, hunt unique photos of the sea. Ancient coral reefs, moss patches covered by far-sighted reefs such as the mysterious jewel and the sea-fight strong waves that clap the shore will be the motivation for certain photographers to come here.

Cham Plong Garai Tower

Ninh Thuan tourism is not only a long coastline, clear water but also a place to store the heritage of Cham people. Unique architectural and artistic monuments are still preserved. Ticket price is from 15,000 VND / adult, visitors will be able to visit the panorama of the relic where the old customs and traditions are recreated.

2/ Place to eat

Speaking of the place to eat, you should spend time to visit Nha Mat restaurant which located in Sg Ninh Chu campus, lamb asks but people tell no one to eat so they don't have.

Phan Rang

• Can Cake at Hai 1 Yen Ninh street (sold after 16:00 pm)

• Can try pancakes at 16/4 roundabout (cross-corner with Son Long Thuan hotel)

• Chicken Rice (good early morning, 07:00 - 07:30 am)

• Beo Ba Cake Part Phan Dinh Phung Street, Phan Rang

• Questionnaire Cake of Phuoc Khanh Pig (Excessive shop) or Questionnaire of Hien Duong 21/8

• Habitat Hometown

• Canh Nhuong Cake

• Bun Bo 16 at 56 Nguyen Trai.

• Avocado in German smoothie shop in front of Phan Rang market gate (sold in the evening)

• Fish Vermicelli - right next to a German restaurant on the left (sold in the evening)

3/ Place to stay

You should choose the center of Ninh Thuan is Phan Rang city (Villa Resort Aniise) to stay. Because the center has many amenities and also makes it easy to mark the directions every day. Room rates on this Vietnam package tour range from VND 1,300,000 to VND 1,800,000 / day depending on the room. However, people can easily rent softer hotels in Phan Rang center.

In addition, 3-star goods will be more popular such as Vinh Hy resort, Saigon Ninh Chu Hotel, Chau Thanh Hotel.