Sa Dec is a city in Dong Thap province, Vietnam, which is the economic, financial, educational and cultural center of the south of Dong Thap province. Sa Dec is recognized by the Government of Vietnam as a city directly under Dong Thap province on October 14, 2013. The land of Sa Dec was formerly called Phsar Dek, meaning Iron Market in the Khmer language.

Overview of Sa Dec

Located in the heart of Mekong River Delta, Sa Dec is 140 km from the southwest of Ho Chi Minh City, the city is adjacent to Tien river in the north, Lap Vo district in the northwest, Lai Vung district in the southwest, Cao Lanh district in the east, and Chau Thanh district in the south.

Sa Dec city has a total area of 60 sq km, with a population of 213,610 people belonging to 3 main ethnic groups Kinh, Hoa, and Khmer. The city has 9 subordinate administrative units including 6 wards.

Sa Dec

Sa Dec

Sa Dec tourism

Along with the other places in Mekong River Delta, Sa Dec partly create the tourism ecosystem in southern Vietnam. There are many beautiful and meaningful attractions in Sa Dec city that you should visit in your Mekong Delta trip.

Sa Dec flower village

Located in Tan Quy Dong commune, Sa Dec, Sa Dec flower village is the land of hundred beautiful and unique flowers. Every Tet holiday comes, all over the flower fields in Sa Dec are colorful. This is also one of the ornamental flower centers of the south of Vietnam.

This flower village has long been famous for planting many colorful flowers, providing ornamental plants for many localities throughout the country and for export. On the occasion of Tet holiday, Sa Dec flower village is full of colors and scents of many different kinds of flowers. Currently, Sa Dec flower village has about 1,500 households planting more than 1,000 different types of ornamental flowers. Traveling to Sa Dec flower village, you will admire many different types of flowers such as hydrangea, dahlia, etc.

Sa Dec

Sa Dec flower village

Sa Dec park

The central park of Sa Dec has its own characteristics from stone chairs to ornamental plants, monuments to the lake, all harmoniously decorated to create a sense of enjoyment for the locals and visitors.

Here, in the middle of a large space of the square is the monument of President Ho Chi Minh. In the celebration of the important holidays, there are also outdoor meetings under the statue of Uncle Ho that can accommodate 15,000 to 20,000 people to attend the ceremony, many entertainment projects for children, cultural and sports works such as cultural centers, which are designed with many functional rooms, have 1500-seat auditorium, outdoor stage, etc. Currently, Sa Dec park is being expanded with a total area of ​​22 ha, many modern recreational and entertainment facilities were built and opened to welcome visitors, including games like a rollercoaster, flying saucer, frog jumping, flying carpet, etc, all games are carefully invested to serve the entertainment needs of people.

Kim Hue pagoda

Located in the heart of Sa Dec city, Kim Hue pagoda has very beautiful and unique architecture. Next to the pagoda is the Cai Son canal with arc-shaped bridges and rows of willow trees plying the sides of the canal, creating a poetic beauty.

Huynh Thuy Le ancient house

Huynh Thuy Le ancient house is located at 255A, Nguyen Hue Street, Ward 2, Sa Dec city, Dong Thap province, Vietnam. In addition to the combination of two East-West architectural styles, the old house is also famous for being associated with a borderless love of a French girl ( a French novelist) and a rich Vietnamese-Chinese man in the early years of the 20th century.

This sad love story was later told by her in her work (L’Amant, Vietnamese as Lover). In 1984, the novel was published, causing great resonance, translated into 43 languages ​​in the world and won the Goncourt Prize (the most prestigious literary award of France). In 1986, the novel was directed by director Jean-Jacques Annaud into the movie of the same name.

Sa Dec

Huynh Thuy Le ancient house

Kien An palace

Kien An palace, also called Ong Quach pagoda, is a temple located in the center of Sa Dec City, opposite Cai Son canal. The temple was built between 1924 and 1927 by Chinese people from Fujian.

With a Chinese-style architecture, Kien An palace has been recognized by the Ministry of Culture and Information as a national-level historical-cultural relic on April 27, 1990.

As an old city, formed almost at the same time with Saigon, Sa Dec has many temples and shrines, which are called the city with the most pagodas and temples in Dong Thap province. Sa Dec has 17 old houses built at the end of the 19th century - the beginning of the 20th century that were all imprints of French architecture.

Sa Dec’s specialties

When passing through My Thuan Bridge, let's turn along the road leading to the center of Sa Dec city, it is where you can stop and enjoy favourable dishes such as:

  • Sa Dec's noodles
  • Fish noodles
  • Lai Vung sour meatball
  • Chicken Hotpot
  • Prawn crackers
  • Milk rice paper
  • Sa Dec’s beef Pho

Being one of the oldest cities in the south of Vietnam, Sa Dec is a beautiful city to visit in your Mekong Delta tours with the peaceful river landscapes and profound southwestern area culture.