Located in Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park, Quang Binh Province, about 60 km northwest of Dong Hoi, Paradise Cave is nestled in the ecologically restored forest, an old cattow-shaped cave from hundreds of millions of years ago. It is one of the most prominent points in Phong Nha - Ke Bang Discovery 2 days 1 night

In 2005, during the exploration of the Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park area, experts of the Royal Cave Association of England discovered a new immense cave. With the magnificence of the cave, the members of the group could not suppress their emotions and had to utter 'Paradise". Since then, "Paradise" has become its name and is known as one of the most beautiful and magnificent caves of the world.

Thien Duong Cave

According to the survey team, it is the longest dry cave in Asia, especially the shimmering and fanciful stalagmite and stalagmite system here, beyond human imagination. On June 11, 2011, Vietnam Records Book Center announced the records that Thien Duong Cave achieved:

  • The longest dry cave in Asia
  • Dry cave with the most unique stalactite and stalagmite system
  • The cave has the longest wooden bridge in Asia

Located at an altitude of 360m above sea level, Paradise Cave has a temperature difference of 9-10 degrees Celsius compared to the outside. The cave is divided into many large compartments, of which the widest place is over 200m wide and over 100m high.

Thien Duong Cave

The system of stalactites in the cave is extremely diverse and rich in geological values as well as in shape. In particular, the stones in the cave have images like cultural symbols of regions: Fairy, Buddha, House of stilts and terraced fields such as the hills and mountains of the Northwest. Emulsion system of Thien Duong cave is rich and colorful. The stalactite system in the cave is still continued to be created by the diligent drops of water falling from the ceiling.

After passing one kilometer of wooden stairs, visitors can walk another 6km to continue to discover the stalactites in Paradise Cave. And the final destination is a well with a column of sunlight shining into the cave. However, this next 6km journey is only suitable for adventurous travelers who have good health.