May Rut island is a pristine small island located in the southwest and is separate from Phu Quoc island, possessing wild beauty, fresh air, and beautiful beaches.

Not only that, when you come here, you are also welcomed by the warm-hearted people and feel the mind those who do travel. Surely, you cannot find any special place else on the Vietnam map like May Rut island with Phu Quoc full day tour with Cable Car & 3 islands.

How to go

May Rut island is one of 15 islands located in the west of An Thoi Bay. It is the farthest one of Phu Quoc island district, divided into 2 parts of May Rut Trong and May Rut Ngoai.

In Phu Quoc, you move down to the southernmost island to An Thoi town. At An Thoi port, many cruise ships are anchoring in various sizes. The passenger capacity varies from 10 to 40 people. You can take one ship to May Rut island. Remember to negotiate the price beforehand.

Traveling to May Rut island

Traveling to May Rut island

The wild beauty of May Rut island

May Rut island attracts tourists by its wild yet charming beauty. All year-round, in May Rut island, you can always enjoy the cooling, comfortable climate, and pleasant weather because trees cover the whole land here. Therefore, when coming here, you will be completely immersed in nature, the sea, and the sky to forget the chaos of life.

In May Rut island, it is not difficult to find an ideal beach with smoothy white sand stretching in the south of the island. In the north, in the place featuring flat rocks lying close to the coast is the habitats of many sea creatures.

Immersing yourself in the blue water, having fun, sunbathing on the beach, setting your soul free into the wind, lying on the hammock shaded by the trees, and feeling the cool breeze, you will understand the precious gift that nature has bestowed on this island. And most of all, not going anywhere, you can find all the meaning of your trip on May Rut island.

The marine ecosystem here is very diverse and abundant, including fish, shrimp, crab, shellfish, etc., especially countless of sea urchins. Hence, you can hunt them and enjoy a beach barbecue. That is an exciting and meaningful experience you should try on Phu Quoc tours.

On the shore along the beach, there are shady coconut trees, adding to the pristine beauty of this land. The rows full of coconuts in the middle of the range, not too high, along with the inclined bodies on the beach, are like waving to invite you to pick.

The warm-hearted people

Tourists will be welcomed by a family living on the island

Tourists will be welcomed by a family living on the island

Considered a precious gem, May Rut island not only attracts visitors by the wild beauty and cooling fresh air but also by the unique way of doing tourism of the "island queen" - the only family living on the island.

Although she is over 80 years old, every time she has guests, she is happy to welcome them. She said, initially, she thought that only her family knew this deserted island. However, a few years later, some guests came to the island to play, and her family caught fish, squids, and pickled vegetables to prepare dinner for them.

Later, because of the love for the beautiful island and the warm people here, more and more visitors go to the island to explore.

Exciting activities at May Rut Trong island district

Fishing and diving

Traveling to Phu Quoc, all tourists definitely want to try fishing experience, snorkeling, and watching coral. Especially, diving to see coral in May Rut Trong island is even more special.

Traveling to May Rut island is not just about fishing, snorkeling, and watching coral, but visitors will be immersed in the enchanting space of the clear seawater and the peaceful atmosphere.

Catching sea urchins

Catching sea urchins

Catching sea urchins

Because of the unique nature of Phu Quoc island, the source of seafood here is exceptionally abundant. Visitors coming to May Rut island are also very excited when diving to catch sea urchins.

Sea urchin is a unique specialty in Phu Quoc island. Its appearance can make first-time visitors hesitate because of their rough shape and flashing black color. However, inside that appearance, it contains the essence of Phu Quoc island.

The tool to catch sea urchins is a 1-meter-long iron clamp, used to clamp each one to the basket because the spikes are long and pointed, and no one dares to touch it. Thanks to the iron grip, it can be captured. The sea urchins after being caught are immediately broken, washed, and processed quickly to keep the freshness.